Here's 95 Reasons You Need a Tiny Tatttoo Right Freaking Now


These tiny tattoos are small you might miss them.


  1. Posted by caseycrossley2405, — Reply

    Dude, if that was me, getting it done I would have kicked the tattoo artist in the face multiple times, then ended up with a few odd lines in my foot

  2. Posted by saraurcomb, — Reply

    That would hurt like hell

  3. Posted by AnimalLover876, — Reply

    I actually LOVE this!! And also can we talk about the amount of hate people keep throwing at this one tattoo, if you don’t like it be an adult and skip past it 🙄. Ugh I’m so done with people who hate on other people, you do know it just makes you look sad, right? 🥱

  4. Posted by perpyderpy, — Reply

    is this real? it looks fake as if someone just photoshopped a foot into the picture

  5. Posted by ACharacterAsAny, — Reply

    Bro when I saw this I was like “she should have tattooed Andy at the bottom of her foot”

  6. Posted by Wolfychu21, — Reply

    How didn't she die of laghter did it not tickle?

  7. Posted by jowett9972, — Reply

    If only I was made in England and 7 years older. I might actually have a chance of meeting tom Holland.

  8. Posted by layboen, — Reply

    This just in! Women aren't actually Barbie and if you're tall you don't have teensy-weensy feet

  9. Posted by br0k3nXth0ughts, — Reply

    Your all idiots.its big because it's right by the camera. DUH

  10. Posted by magic7277, — Reply

    Photoshop skills 2/10

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