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  1. Posted by rileymaelallathin24, — Reply

    (Saw this somewhere else and now I want to) I really wanna get together a group chat where we just kind of do short workouts throughout the week and almost hold each other accountable for doing it. Message me your number if you’re interested

  2. Posted by Emily21165, — Reply

    Hi everyone! I saw that some of you were confused, just wanted to clear up that if you wanted a flat stomach, toned breast’s, it will say day one and you do the exercise for that day! Hope this helped have a wonderful day!

  3. Posted by 4gsistergames, — Reply

    I’m doing three workouts everyday cause I’m trying to get fit to make a new impression at my new school #middle school

  4. Posted by natalyashannon, — Reply

    Finished the 4th and final week. Overall not impressed. I mean I'm a bit stronger but I am not physically seeing any results. Would not recommend if you want to see the results, not just feel stronger. (also I found out I have an issue with peanuts so that might be why I'm not seeing results)

  5. Posted by tastyhomerecipes, — Reply

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  6. Posted by adrianna6380, — Reply

    Im 13 but im like kinda over weight by like 10 or 12 puonds and i want to get skinny hope this works....

  7. Posted by natalyashannon, — Reply

    Week 3 complete. Not seeing results really...abs are definitely stronger though. That's good right?

  8. Posted by emmav479, — Reply

    It's basically the same workout for all three, but it claims to tone different parts, right...

  9. Posted by alligirl0305, — Reply

    I’m 12 and don’t feel skinny like I want to so I’m really hoping this works #firstday

  10. Posted by natalyashannon, — Reply

    Ok. Week 2 done. Seeing some progress...mainly abs. Quads are burning from squats.

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